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Anthony O’Hear

ANTHONY O’HEAR Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy at the University of Buckingham, editor of the journal Philosophy, author of many books on the subject, and was formerly Government Adviser on Education and Teacher Training. He is a philosopher with a special interest in education. His areas of expertise are philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, aesthetics and culture, political philosophy and ethics, as well as educational philosophy and practice. Professor O’Hear’s publications include Beyond Evolution (Clarendon Press, 1997), After Progress (Bloomsbury, 1999), and Plato’s Children (Gordon Square, 2005).

24 March 2021
"‘The great discovery of ideology has been that modern civilization, beneath its cleverly contrived appearances, is the most systematically oppressive despotism the world has ever known … Only in modern times [has] oppression begun to hide itself behind a facade of freedom’, claimed Kenneth Minogue in his book Alien Powers: The Pure Theory of Ideology, published in 1985, and appearing in a second edition in 2007."

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