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Judit Antónia Farkas

The Pictures that Travelled and Divided the World – Life Magazine’s Photos Shot During the 1956 Revolution in Hungary – Part II

"The political police reproduced and duplicated the acquired films, negatives, paper prints, and photographs from newspaper cuttings in various sizes, and compiled photo albums that they used to capture and identify the rebels. The photographs taken by Life’s photojournalists feature in several albums, including the parts of them that document the atrocities in Köztársaság Square."


Zsolt Csutak

The Role of the United States in Hungary’s Trianon Tragedy

"The extremely influential pan-Slavic movement and the idea of dismantling Austria–Hungary emerged in Cleveland and Pittsburgh after a long period of Germanization in the nineteenth century, while the quasi-declaration of independence of the Czech–Slovak Republic appeared in New York City and Washington, DC, well before the dramatic political events unfolded at the Paris peace conferences in 1918–20."


John O’Sullivan

Reflections on 'A Nation Dismembered'

"But obligations are reciprocal. Those who gained at Trianon have obligations as well. Their obligation is to shape countries with an absolute minimum of injustice so that they can ask for loyalty from the citizens placed wholesale under their sovereignty without asking that they surrender their souls too."


Anthony O’Hear

Kenneth Minogue’s 'Alien Powers' Revisited

"‘The great discovery of ideology has been that modern civilization, beneath its cleverly contrived appearances, is the most systematically oppressive despotism the world has ever known … Only in modern times [has] oppression begun to hide itself behind a facade of freedom’, claimed Kenneth Minogue in his book Alien Powers: The Pure Theory of Ideology, published in 1985, and appearing in a second edition in 2007."


László Trócsányi

The Future Of Europe

"… the Union has no other choice and it does not have any future unless it includes and cherishes the various histories, traditions, and identities of Europe’s constituent nations. Brexit shall stand as a reminder to all of us that ignoring such claims leads nowhere."


Zsolt Németh

On Trianon in the Present Tense

"No less importantly, our next-door neighbours—Slovaks, Ukrainians, Romanians, Serbians, Croatians, Slovenes, and Austrians—have shared a common fate with us here in the Central European region for a thousand years, even if Trianon made our experience of coexistence fraught with bitterness for a long time."


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