János Martonyi

Brexit. Brexit? Part I

"The title is somewhat misleading, as is the case when the purpose of the title is not necessarily to reflect the content, but rather to attract attention. To dispel any misunderstandings, the question mark does not refer to the fact that Brexit will happen. It will. But when, how and, first and foremost, what will be the new relationship between the UK and EU is now completely uncertain and unforeseeable."


Zsolt Németh

The Future of Europe

"What we want is clear: open conditions, transparent contracts that regulate rules applying to all. And, of course, those rules must be kept by everyone in order to prevent disintegration. A multi-speed arrangement is only good if it helps to integrate and reinforce Europe – if it really “enhances cooperation” and preserves the unity and the equality of member states. After Brexit, it is especially vital to maintain unity!"


Eduard Habsburg

Family Values and Europe Today – In the Media and in Reality

"A state, like Hungary with its Fundamental Law, and a society that acknowledges and understands that families are the laboratory of society, democracy and the social glue that helps building a stable society for tomorrow make all the difference for the decision to have a (big) family (remember the “dinner table” I talked about at the beginning). A state that leaves a woman the liberty to choose between working or staying at home – while appreciating the latter as a real “career decision” and contribution to the future – is really helping families."


John O’Sullivan

Moving Towards Post-Democracy? – Editorial Note

"What we see in France and Britain are two responses to this situation. In France Macron represents the decision of the political establishment to reject any compromise with populism, to keep it from power, even to demonise it. In Britain Theresa May represents a decision to draw populism into the main democratic debate, to subject it to the conventions of democratic government, and to draw it into respectability."


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