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Balázs Medgyesy

Balázs Medgyesy (born 1972, Budapest) is a Hungarian agrarian economist. He graduated from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences, Hungary. Following graduation his research in the University focused on resource economics and integration of environmental, sectorial and economic policies. He served as the Head of the Department of International Affairs and European Integration in the Ministry for Environment of Hungary from 1998. He was appointed as the permanent state secretary of the Ministry for Environment in 1999. After managing the establishment of the state agency for energy efficiency and renewable energy („The Energy Centre” Energy Efficiency, Environment and Energy Information Agency) he was the managing director of the agency. He also pursued a career as a consultant on energy and environment. He served as a state supervisor on authorization issues at Staff of Government Commissioner controlling the MAL Company following the red mud disaster. Effective 1st of January 2012 he was appointed as the Government Commissioner responsible for the coordination of the public administration on the EU Strategy of the Danube Macroregion. From 1997 to 2012 he was a lecturer at Corvinus University, Budapest on subjects: regional policy, regional planning and modelling and regional environmental policy. As part of his academic career he was guest lecturer on the strategic, European and international dimensions of environmental and sectoral policies in a number of universities, including Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Szent István University and Századvég School of Politics, Budapest.

25 January 2013

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