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István Ágh

ISTVÁN ÁGH (Felsőiszkáz, 1938), poet, writer. He directed the poetry section of the literary monthly Új Írás, and later became editor of the monthly Hitel. An influential writer of his generation, Ágh created a remarkable oeuvre in the genres of poetry, prose and essay. Regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. Prizes include: József Attila Prize (1969, 1980), Kossuth Prize (1992), Nagy Imre Memorial Plaque (1993), National Artist Award (2014).

19 July 2017
"Lying on a stretcher, I looked around the square. The sight in itself from that angle would have made me turn grey – seeing what happened after I had been lying there. Like after a battue shooting. The saying “to bite the dust” is true. Dying people were biting the earth, clutching to the roots of the turf."

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