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Preview from Our November Issue

24 October 2018
"The European Parliament (EP)’s decision to censure Hungary illustrates a larger process that has been unfolding in Europe. We knew – at least some of us did – that the European elites that for several decades have been ruling over the souls and the minds of people have lost the ability – assuming they ever had it – to listen to and understand points of view different from their own. We knew – at least some of us did – that they do not tolerate any form of dissent and treat all dissenters as enemies to be silenced and marginalised. What we did not know was how far they could go in their ideological fervour."

15 October 2018
"The European Parliament has decided, Hungary has been referred to Council under Article 7 of the TEU and the left is celebrating. We can leave to one side the questions over the voting procedure, given that politically the weight of the voting is what counts. The joy unconfined on the left is understandable. After all, the left has long regarded Hungary as the seat of everything that it detests – it has devised a narrative that includes no rule of law, no judicial independence, no free media, no free anything really and presumably a nation of sheep who will vote for Fidesz because they are sheep. Quite some narrative. And those who contest it are automatically disregarded."

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